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Stand-up comic DeRay Davis performs a stellar set to a responsive crowd at New York's Best Buy Theater touching on such topics as rappers and relationships with equal fearlessness.
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This review is from: Deray Davis: Power Play (DVD)
I LOVE Deray Davis. I hadn't heard of him until this summer, when I saw Power Play on Showtime. (it's no longer available there). I have a particular taste when it comes to comedy, and although I like a good many comics, I hadn't found any I *LOVE* in recent years, until Deray. (I also just discovered Bill Burr, who I now love, but that's a different story). 5.0 out of 5 stars My new favorite comic!, August 4, 2011
Posted By: Ann

I have watched Power Play four times, and showed it on two separate occasions to my brother, and then to my friends, who also all loved it. I googled for any other comedy shows he's been in, and he's been in a few as a 'one of many' guest. But he definitely deserved his own special! I think I have to buy Power Play. If I've seen it this many times and love him more every time, I should just buy it. To quote from his own show... "Deray got it crackin'!"
Legend in the making!!!, October 1, 2011
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This review is from: Deray Davis: Power Play (DVD)
I stumbled upon this stand up on a boring Saturday while flipping through Showtime on Demand. June had been a pretty rough month and July wasnt getting better. I was thinking I was going to get a little comic relief while watching it and I was wrong!!! This standup had me literally crying laughing. I hadnt noticed it had been so long since I smiled, it made me appreciate life a lot more and taught me to remember to smile even through diversity. Not to mention, Deray is just a fool!!! #SALTS. Great Comedy for a good laugh. Customer Rating 5.0
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